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Carers Group (ONLINE)

This group meets on the last Wednesday of every month 5-6.30pm.  It is run by Jackie, who is a professional coach.  The aim is to support carers and give them a safe, non-judgemental, and confidential space to share their concerns and challenges around caring for someone with cancer.


Referrals through SPOA form on website




EFT is a very easy to learn tool for helping with stress, anxiety, worries and even physical symptoms like pain or side effects of anti-cancer treatment.

Benefits for cancer patients may include:


  •   Alleviating anxiety, anger, grief, fear, and hopelessness
  •   Coming to terms with the shock and trauma of the diagnosis
  •   Coping with the emotional and physical side effects of treatments (e.g., menopausal symptoms, sleep problems, pain)
  •   Learning to accept inevitable changes in your body, job, or relationships.
  •   Moving on after diagnosis or after treatment


Starting June 7th, 2021 at 11a.m


Referrals through SPOA form on website …then ongoing drop in sessions



Harmony Group (ONLINE)

This unique VIRTUAL course is designed to help you cultivate a state of being that is more self-compassionate and kinder towards yourself.


In conjunction with Mairead Amos Yoga, the Fountain Centre will be running this VIRTUAL 6-week course for current cancer patients. We will be using techniques drawn from the worlds of Qigong, Yoga and Mindfulness Meditations.


Running currently…Next course in September



Healthy On Hormones (ONLINE)

These are online, one off, interactive sessions aimed at patients who are on hormone therapy.


Three main topics are covered:

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Maintaining Healthy Activity Levels

How Hormones Work


The next course is scheduled for June 2021 and is aimed specifically at prostate patients.


Referrals through SPOA form on website.




Weekly Meditation session.  Every Tuesday from 12.15pm to 12.45pm in the Fountain Centre Creative Arts Room.


This is a drop in session.   Sessions will start promptly.  Numbers will be limited to comply with social distancing.  Open to patients and carers.


No Referral required



New patient coffee morning

Currently run virtually this is an informal and confidential space for new patients to connect with each other and the Fountain Centre Team.  They can share their own experiences, listen to others, and gather information about services from the Fountain Centre.  It takes place on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 11am for 1 hour.


Referrals through SPOA form on website.



Relaxation and Visualisation Group

With Debbie Morton….using visualisation and relaxation techniques to help patients.

Existing patients fed into this group after having sessions initially with Debbie.

Encouraging patients to develop skills to help themselves.

In development currently.

This group is to help people relax and find ways to manage their stress/anxiety.

It includes discussion, practical tips, and mental/physical exercises for stress management/relaxation.

Subjects covered: mindfulness/meditation, breathing exercises, posture/stretching, body scan, developing a positive mind-set, power of visualisation, understanding the stress response, sleep hygiene.


Referrals through SPOA form on website.




Weekly class every Thursday from 12pm to 1pm.

Open to patients only.

Referrals through SPOA form on website.





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